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Congregational Christian Council of Maine
Akoa-Mongo, Rev. Francois
Minister, First Congregational Church, Machiasport
(207) 255-0772
Anglea, Rev. Catherine
Minister, Second Congregational Church, Biddeford
Home Address:
202 Pool Street
Biddeford, ME 04005
(207) 229-4006
Arnold, Rev. Debra
Minister, First Congregation Church, Searsport
8 Church Street, Searsport, ME  04974 
(207) 548-0327
Blake, Rev. Natalie
Minister, First Congregational Church, East Baldwin
(207) 657-5216
Carson, Rev. John
Minister, Elijah Kellogg Congregational Church, Harpswell
(207) 833-6026
Colson, Rev. Nathan
Minister, West Gorham Union Church, Gorham
P O Box 854
Gorham, ME 04039
(207) 699-9221
Dickinson, Rev. Fred
Drown, Rev. Douglas
Saunders Memorial Congregational Church, Little Deer Isle
155 North Sedgwick Road
Sedgwick, ME 04976
(207) 359-4401
Duzen, Pastor Betty
Licensed Minister
Whitneyville Congregational Church, Whitneyville
(207) 255-4171
Flynn, Pastor Paul
Minister, Freedom Congregational Church, Freedom
(207) 437-2680
Fortier, Pastor Fred
Licensed Minister, Sebago Center Community Church, Sebago
Fox, Rev. David
(207) 942-5023
Gensel, Rev. John
Minister, Dixfield Congregational Church, Dixfield
(207) 652-2777
Gibson, Lt. Col. Andrew L.
Maine Military and Community Services
Buker Community Center
22 Armory Road
Augusta, Maine 04333
Office: (207) 430-57770 Home: (207) 487-6437
Given, Rev. Terry J.
Minister, First Congregational Church, Millinocket
Glavin, Rev. Marilyn
Glidden, Rev. Dr. Michael Wayne
Supply Pastor
43 Valley Street, Apt. 11,  South Portland, Maine 04106
(207) 272-4410 Cell

Henry, Rev. James
8 Kimberley Circle
Brunswick, ME 04011
(207) 373-1541

Jones, Rev. Seth
Minister, Rockland Congregational Church, Rockland
(207) 594-8656
Jordan, Rev. Vance
Minister, South Bridgton Congregational Church, Bridgton
474 Valley Road
Waterford, Maine 04088
(207) 583-2975
Josselyn, Rev. Lynne
Minister, Lubec Congregational Christian Church, Lubec
Larson, Rev. Arlin

Lavigne, Pastor Wes
Minister, Portage Congregational Church, Portage


Macdonald, Pastor Phyllis
Retired; Pastor Emeritus, Newfield Community Church, Newfield
Mayberry, Rev. Donald
Minister, First Congregational Church, South Paris
(207) 743-2437
McDonald, Pastor Matt
Transitional Minister, Second Congregational Church, Warren
Church - (207) 273- 2338
Church's Website:
Merritt, Rev. Phyllis
Minister, Sawyer Memorial Congregational Church, Jonesport
28 Sawyer Square/PO Box 249
Jonesport, ME 04649
(207) 497-5985

Moore, Rev. Karen
Minister, Sebago Center Community Church, Sebago
Norcross, Rev. Robin
Healthy Ministry, Independent
Home Address:
54 Sebago Road
Hiram, ME 04041
Cell Phone: (207) 749-0627
Patrick, Rev. John
Minister, Denmark Congregational Church, Denmark
(207) 452-2600
Philbrick, Rev. Leland
30 Hollyberry Lane
P O Box 274
South Thomaston, ME 04858
Phone: (207) 354-0817 (Home) (207) 542-3461(Cell)
(207) 593-2509 (Ministry Cell)
Reed, Pastor Rhonda
Pastor, Pilgrim Community Church, Camden
P O Box 176 Warren ME
Meets at the Teen Center, 10 Knowlton Street, Camden ME
Pastor's Cell Phone: (207) 542-4898
Pastor's Email:

Rich, Rev. Jane C.
Minister, West Bethel Union Church, Bethel
Richards, Rev. Nathan
Minister, Solon Congregational Church, Solon
(207) 643-2873
First Congregational Church, Norridgewock
(207) 672-3218
Rustin, Rev. Mark
Minister, Carmel Union Church, Carmel
(207) 939-8318
Seymour, Rev. Dr. Patrick
Minister, Veazie Congregational Church, Veazie
Schreiber, Rev. Carl
Minister, East Orrington Congregational Church, Orrington
(207) 825-3404
Sprague, Pastor John
Minister, Marshfield Congregational Church, Marshfield
(207) 255-8132
Stickney, Rev. Dr. Peter
Minister of Music, Newfield Community Church, Newfield
P O Box 237
Newfield, Maine 04056
Tanner, Rev. Mark
Minister, Skowhegan Federated Church, Skowhegan
(207) 474-2776
Walz, Rev. David
Minister, First Congregational Church, North Anson
(207) 635-2748
Williams, Rev. J. Vance
(207) 594-8656
Windhorst, Rev. Dr. Colin
Associate Minister, Congregational Church, Dennysville
Associate Minister, Sewall Memorial Church, Robbinston
(207) 726-3905
Windhorst, Rev. Ronald
Minister, Congregational Church, Dennysville
Minister, Sewall Memorial Church, Robbinston
(207) 726-3905
Woodman, Rev. Wesley
(207) 273-2338


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